Bone straight hair and everything you should know

Bone straight hair is the most widely used hair type due to its exceptional characteristics. But not every hair extensions wholesaler understands bone straight hair. Here is everything a hair businessman needs to know about bone straight hair.

Overview of bone straight hair

Bone straight hair is produced by using heat tools and specialized chemicals to straighten it. The chemicals used to straighten hair are weaker than those used to straighten hair.

Bone straight hair features

After knowing what bone straight hair is, you should know its characteristics. Here are some pictures of bone straight hair and some of its distinguishing features.

  • Bone straight hair is silky and flat from top to bottom. Straight, smooth hair is desired by all women, and it will help you impress others right away.
  • Straightened from root to tip, bone straight hair is silky and tangle-free. This style is ideal for women who are busy and don’t have time to fuss with their hair. You save time by not having to comb or straighten your hair.
  • Straight hair is impossible to style. It can’t be curled or dyed. This is because the hair has been heated straightened to maintain the current hairstyle. The hair is two years old and is bone straight, so it cannot be curled.

In order to maximize natural hair protection, using bone straight hair seems prudent. You can buy bone straight hair and apply it to your head instead of styling it according to your natural hair type. However, you should do your homework and choose a reputable hair vendor who offers the best bone straight hair.

Price of bone straight hair

Bone straight hair is inexpensive. N5500 ($133.01) for naturally straight hair may seem excessive to some. However, high-quality, long-lasting bone straight hair is worth the investment. However, prices may vary by country.

NIGERIA PRICE: The price ranges from N60,000 to N300,000 ($145.10 – $725.51) depending on the type, length, and gram desired.

China Price: Bone straight hair is known for being the cheapest in the world, starting at $5/piece. However, Chinese bone straight hair is not durable and easily degrades after a few uses.

Viet Nam Price: Vietnamese bone straight hair is reasonably priced. So, the hair quality is guaranteed, which will benefit your hair business. Quality products can be had for around $11/piece.

The cost of bone straight hair varies depending on the source. If you have a big hair budget, Nigeria is a great source of bone straight hair. However, for maximum profit, bone straight hair from China is ideal. Quality is not guaranteed. So, Vietnamese bone straight hair with low price and high quality can help your hair business achieve maximum economic effectiveness.

Types of bone straight hair

Bone straight hair is divided into several types based on various factors. You can choose between three types of bone straight hair: single drawn, double drawn, and super double drawn. Below we will discuss various bone straight hair types.

Drawn with bone straight hair: This one has 30-40% identical hair strands, with the rest being longer or shorter. The top and ends of a single drawn bone straight hair bundle appear thick. As a result, a single drawn bundle is cheaper than a double or super double drawn bundle. Budget-conscious customers, like college students, usually buy single drawn bundle wigs.

Double drewn of st This category’s bone straight hair is 60-70 percent the same length. Alternatively, the top and middle are thick and full, but the bottom isn’t. It also costs more than single-drawn. Super double drawn creates a perfect bone straight hair.

Straight hair double drawn: The heaviest hair. In this area, 80-90 percent of the hair strands are the same length. A super double drawn bone straight appears natural due to its density. Straight hair is the best hair for you! This product is typically purchased by high-end hair salons and middle-class women.

As shown in the examples above, bone straight can create a natural look. The quality of these hairstyles is paramount. Queen Hair Factory can help you create a new look for your company.

How to take care of bone straight hair

You must know how to properly maintain your bone straight hair if you want to keep its beauty. Taking care of bone straight will not take long due to the above features. Here are five simple steps to keep your hair bone straight.

Comb your hair daily to keep it bone straight

Combing your hair is the quickest way to keep it bone straight. Examine the

Instead of washing your hair every day, brush it to make it more durable and smooth. But brushing your hair correctly is essential for maximum longevity.

For best results, brush your bone straight hair twice daily. When you first wake up or are exposed to a strong wind, your bone straight hair can become tangled. A comb will help keep your hair straight. Proper combing involves brushing from the crown to the ends of the hair.

Use a hot comb to get your hair as straight as possible. A hot comb smoothes and straightens your hair. So, start a daily routine that will benefit your bone straight hair.

Washing your hair to keep it straight

Regular hair washing keeps it clean and shiny, but proper hair washing keeps it beautiful longer. Showing you how to wash straight hair properly.

Step 1: Wet your straight hair. This method makes shampooing and cleaning your hair a breeze. Brush your hair as you wash it for best results.

Step 2: Apply a small amount of shampoo to your hair and massage into your scalp. Using shampoo will ensure that your hair is free of dirt and oil. After applying the shampoo to the hair, comb it through to remove any dirt and rinse with water.

Step 3: Rinse out the conditioner with cool water after use. Using conditioner makes hair softer, shinier, and easier to style. The reduced friction between hair strands allows for gentler brushing and combing. A hair mask can help restore, strengthen, and reduce split ends. Don’t skip this step.

Using a dryer to keep hair bone straight

You’ll need a hair dryer to dry your wet hair after washing it. We’ll show you how to dry bone straight hair properly.

Drying hair with a foam wrap is the most natural method. Foam wraps are great for hair care because they moisturize, condition, and protect straight hair from heat from a dryer.

Next, section your wigs and bone straighten each section of your hair. A low-heat hair dryer is best for drying your hair, as high heat can damage your hair.

Straightening hair to keep it bone straight.

A straightener can help you keep straight hair.

This is the final and most important step in hair care. Use a hair iron correctly to avoid damaging your hair.

Step 1: Section your hair to make straightening easier.

Step 2: Set the straightener to 25-30 degrees. To avoid hair damage, keep an eye on the temperature. To keep your hair as straight as possible, you’ll need a good straightener.

Step 3: Straighten your hair and comb it in sections from top to bottom.

Step 4: Repeat Step 4 with the remaining sections of your hair to keep them bone straight.

These four simple steps can help you keep your hair bone straight for the longest time and start a wig making business. Even a novice in the hair industry can easily complete these steps at home. Good luck with our guide and we hope to see your healthy, silky hair in the future.

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