Human hair wig and basic knowledge you need to know about it

Using human hair wig has developed as one of the most popular products in the fashion industry on a global scale. This article will cover the basics of the knowledge about human hair wig, which is very important for those who are wanting to wholesale this product.

An overview of human hair wig

Most hair salons, especially professional hair salons, know about human hair wigs. If you are thinking of starting your own human hair wig wholesale business, be sure to do a thorough research on this product and market.

What is a human hair wig?

Human hair wigs are quite popular, and the hair used in their production is real human hair that has been collected from the donors. In a summary, this means that they seem, behave, and feel exactly the same as your real hair. So, human hair wig looks so incredibly natural.


Human hair wig are very popular

Why are human hair wigs so popular?

There are many reasons when a woman decides to use a human hair wig. However, industry experts to study customer behavior and summarize the following common reasons:

  • As a result of their genetics, African women have naturally curly hair that may be difficult to maintain and style. Human hair wig is a well-known method for African women to improve their beauty and femininity, which is why they’ve always sought human hair wig wholesale as a means to achieve both.
  • Europeans place a high value on fashion and beauty. In order to seem more fashionable and desirable to men, European women often want to dye their hair brighter, lengthen and thicken their hair. Purchasing human hair wig wholesale helps to keep their natural hair healthy by covering it with a human hair wig.
  • Human hair wig wholesale is popular in North America, Europe, and Asia, as they are everywhere. Many people suffer from hair loss due to genetics, thus purchasing a human hair wig is a sensible choice. Human hair wig have been imported by local hair salons to meet rising demand.

Concerns about hair are on the rise. The use of human hair wig by persons with damaged or broken hair is commonplace. Besides following the pandemic of Covid-19, hair loss also required the use of human hair wig. A human hair wig wholesale business is a reasonable choice right now since ladies over the globe want to seem more attractive. The potential and attraction of this market will help your business quickly gain profits.

Top three global human hair wig export markets

Human hair wig wholesale may be found in the greatest quantities in Vietnam, China, and India. Most human hair wig is exported from these three nations. To purchase human hair wig wholesale, you need to be aware of the differences between these marketplaces.

Human hair wig wholesale in Vietnam

When it comes to human hair wig wholesale, it is impossible not to mention Vietnam. This is a country with an extremely developed, famous and influential human hair wig wholesale market in the world wig market.

  • Human hair wig wholesale from Vietnam are of high quality because of their origin. Women’s hair will be collected from rural and mountainous areas with less sunlight exposure. Using no chemicals, these Vietnamese human hair wig keep their natural straightness, silkiness and durability. Many different haircuts and looks may be achieved with them by stylists and salons.

Realiable origin human hair wig from Vietnam

  • Depending on the grade of Vietnamese human hair wig, it is categorized into three categories: single drawn, double drawn, and super double drawn. Regardless of the grade of hair wig, Vietnamese human hair wig wholesale manufacturers concentrate on each step of production, thus the country’s human hair extensions wholesale has been widely well-received.
  • Each bundle of Vietnamese wholesale human hair wig costs between $8 and $9, which is a fair price for hair of this quality. Considering how good the human hair wig wholesale are, this is a very fair price.

In particular for professional salons, the fast growth of the human hair wig export industry in Vietnam demonstrates that it is a highly promising supply of products with reliability and quality.

Human hair wig wholesale in China

Exports of human hair wig wholesale from China also have a big background when compared to those from other nations. These are several certain features that may be seen in Chinese human hair wig.

  • China’s human hair wig supply came from domestic women 15 years ago. But now Chinese women no longer sell their hair as life improves. China must buy hair from smaller, cheaper markets due to a lack of local suppliers. It may be difficult to tell whether the human hair wig your Chinese source sells is made from Chinese hair or not.
  • The long, black hair of Chinese women is a result of both culture and genetics. Styling and care are much easier as a result. But the Chinese human hair wig are coarse, thick, and lackluster. Hair becomes tangled and falls out as a result. Human hair extensions purchased at a discount may not provide the wearer the appearance they want.
  • Due to the variety of hair types and manufacturers, it’s difficult to price human hair wig wholesale in China.

Human hair wig from China have always had a strong relationship between how much they cost and how well they work. This type of human hair wig is great for people who want to change their hairstyle often but don’t have a lot of time or money.

Human hair wig wholesale in India

In addition to Vietnam and China, human hair wig wholesale from India are also very popular.

  • Most Indian ladies have their hair trimmed at temples to show respect to their country’s religion. This source is a main hair supplier for the Indian hair industry and human hair wig wholesale market. But this is why India’s human hair extension wholesale is typically uneven.
  • India’s affordable human hair wig are popular. This is because human hair wig wholesale from this nation aren’t too pricey due to cheap labor and raw material prices. But India’s inexpensive human hair extensions are only medium quality.

Wholesale Indian human hair wig are a great option for hair and beauty salons as well as people with limited funds who want to improve their look for as little money as possible.

5S Hair Factory – The leading supplier of human hair wig in Vietnam

5S Hair in Vietnam supplies bulk human hair wig. The firm is well-known and dominates the Vietnamese hair wig industry.


5S Hair Factory’s human hair wig

  • 5S Hair prioritizes product quality and variety in human hair wig wholesale. 5S Hair provides clip-in wigs, bone-straight hair, blonde hair, and more. Wholesale human hair wig from 5S Hair are an ideal choice.
  • 5S Hair’s reasonable costs attract salons throughout Africa and Europe, notably Nigeria, Russia, and England. This applies to Vietnam and other human hair wig wholesale companies across the globe. 
  • 5S Hair’s human hair wig wholesale is an excellent option if you want to develop a stable, high-quality brand in the wholesale human hair wig industry.