Raw Vietnamese hair: Item with the most natural beauty for ladies

Raw Vietnamese hair is prized for its purity. It also can be bleached to colors. The main source of the hair extension industry in Vietnam nowadays is taken from actual and healthy hair. Let’s learn something there is to know about Vietnamese hair in its natural state.


Raw Vietnamese hair with pretty shape

Raw Vietnamese hair definition

Raw Vietnamese hair is 100% virgin bulk hair collected directly from contributors (Hair from donors must be virgin, straight, and liberated of curls or colors).

Raw Vietnamese hair characteristics

Advantages, quality of products and most notably, wholesale pricing are all aspects of raw Vietnamese hair.


Raw Vietnamese hair with source in the nation

Raw Vietnamese hair has a lot of advantages

  • The majority of raw Vietnamese hair is taken from people living in high mountains (cold weather locations), resulting in hair that is incredibly strong and smooth owing to the lack of sun exposure.
  • Furthermore, the hair from donors must be completely virgin (it must not have been coloured or groomed). As a result, raw Vietnamese hair is extremely scarce and costly.

The superiority of raw Vietnamese hair

  • Because raw Vietnamese hair has not been faced with stressful chemicals or treatments, all of the cuticle segments are unbroken and flowing in the same way, rendering it the most natural-looking hair type available.
  • As a consequence, the time spent utilizing can last several longer depending on the customer’s care.

The wholesale price of raw Vietnamese hair


Compare the price of raw Vietnamese hair in some countries

  • As you can see, wholesale hair extension goods in Vietnam are not as cheap as they are in China or India. Because the bulk of raw Vietnamese hair is collected from people living in high mountains (cold-weather zones), the hair is relatively impressive and silky thanks to the shortage of sun exposure. As a conclusion, the hair is fresh and undamaged, indicating that the hair contributor is in good health.
  • Vietnamese hair suppliers are the perfect option for you if you really want to market the highest quality hair, build a brand, and have your customer satisfied with you a hundred times. As a result, because Vietnam has hair materials, the Vietnam marketplace will provide you and your clients the best pricing. Furthermore, Vietnam’s political stability is superior to that of other countries such as Indo, Cambodia, and… As a result, you can feel safe importing goods from Vietnamese hair wholesalers.

Raw Vietnamese hair with lots of benefits

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