Vietnamese hair and things you need to know

Vietnamese hair has long been famous for is high quality. However, those who want to start up a hair business need to know detailed information about it.

What is the definition of Vietnamese hair?

To answer the question “What is Vietnamese hair?” It is just the natural hair plucked from a Vietnamese woman. Vietnamese hair is hair that has been gathered from Vietnamese hair donors, washed by producers, and then distributed to merchants and hair salons. Vietnamese hair seems to be the most primitive kind of market for human hair, and many hair shops and wig manufacturers choose it because of its immaculate condition.

You may come across the term “hair bulks” from time to time, which refers to a bulk of human hairline that typically weights about 100g. Vietnamese hair, unlike weave or extensions, is merely hair strands, not linked to any threads, cloth, or adhesive.

Vietnamese hair characteristics

Hair is the most popular hair for hair stylists to mold into any color, style, or texture, and Vietnam is unquestionably the greatest supplier of hair. Vietnamese hair is in its natural state, having grown from a person’s scalp rather than being combined from many sources. Here’s some more information about Vietnamese hair.

2.1 The origin of Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese hair is human hair that is sourced solely from inside the country. Unlike some other major hair suppliers, such as China, which collects hair from a variety of sources, hair in Vietnam is exactly as it says on the tin: Vietnamese people’s hair.

  • Vietnamese hair is collected from women in rural areas in the country’s highlands. These Vietnamese women eat high-fiber food and live outside in the clean air, which maintains their scalps strong and their hair brighter and glossy.
  • Because Vietnamese hair makers are more focused on quality, Vietnamese hair providers frequently have tighter control over hair sources.

If you own a hair salon, you should know all there is to know about your goods in order to discover beautiful hair, and one of the most important details you should know is where they come from. Purchasing Vietnamese hair from a reputable seller ensures that your hair comes from a reputable and ethical source, guaranteeing that the quality of your hair items is always adequate for your consumers.

2.2 Hair quality in Vietnam

Vietnamese hair even has a significant advantage: it is of good quality. Vietnamese hair has numerous obvious advantages: it is silky, smooth, and robust, with a natural gloss.

  • Lemongrass, mantis, or juice, which has been proven to boost scalp and Vietnamese hair condition, as well as hair thickness and length, is used by Vietnamese women to wash their hair.
  • Long lengths of Vietnamese hair (up to 30 inch) are also available.

It’s no coincidence that Jewish businesspeople from Israel and industry experts liked to acquire Vietnamese hair in the early stages of the hair export business. Hair Vietnam evaluations are frequently good, and Vietnamese hair is a fantastic haircut for any hair company because of its cost, diversity, and quality.

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Vietnamese hair classification 

Virgin and remy hair are the two forms of Vietnamese hair. These words refer to the origins of Vietnamese hair as well as the condition of the cuticle on the strands.

  • Vietnamese virgin hair

Virgin Vietnamese hair is made from hair gathered from a single donor’s head. The phrase “virgin hair” refers to actual human hair extensions made from a bundle of hair from a healthy donor. Vietnamese virgin hair has never ever been processed or coloured in any way. Because it is the most flexible and the only form of Vietnamese hair that can be dyed to the lightest possible hair color, this type of hair extension is highly popular among hairdressers because it is perfect for bleaching, coloring, and styling. This is the most costly form of hair extensions currently available.

  • Vietnamese remy hair

The hair strands are structured in such a manner and their cuticles match up in remy Vietnamese hair, which is made from the hair of several donors. In layman’s words, cuticles are small “scales” that surround the exterior part of a hair strand. Remy hair is tangle-free because the cuticles are aligned. To make hair extensions or wigs, remy hair may be left untreated or reheated or chemically treated.

Unlike some other nations, Vietnam hair is not non-remy, since major Vietnamese hair suppliers guarantee that the hairstyle is most suited for restyling and alterations. Purchasing high-end virgin or remy Vietnamese hair ensures that you might provide high-quality products to your customers, fostering confidence and long-term revenue. Whether you choose with virgin or remy Vietnamese hair is mostly determined by your budget and intended use.

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