Why should you choose Chinese hair wholesale for wholesale business

Because of its long hair exporting history, Chinese hair wholesale has developed into one of the most important suppliers of hair extensions in the world. In this essay, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Chinese hair wholesale market with you.

Overview of Chinese hair wholesale

If you’re into hair salons or beauty products, you’ve probably heard of the term “Chinese hair wholesale.” Is Chinese hair wholesale something we can actually understand, on the other hand?

What is Chinese hair wholesale?

Chinese hair wholesale refers to hair extensions that are manufactured from real Chinese human hair. However, at the present time, this phrase is controversial because Chinese hair wholesale suppliers have not only used Chinese real hair materials but also real hair from countries with markets. smaller hair extensions.


Chinese hair wholesale

Features of Chinese hair wholesale

If you are someone who is intending to start your own business with hair extensions and wigs, especially Chinese human hair wholesale, it is important to explore the characteristics of this hair type. To distinguish it from other hair wholesale in the world, Chinese hair wholesale usually has the following characteristics:

  • Chinese hair wholesale manufacturers produce an extremely high number of brand-new varieties each year specifically for the markets in Africa and the United States.
  • As a result of the fact that Chinese hair wholesale factories obtains its human hair from a great number of different sources, not all of which are donors of pure hair, the cost of Chinese hair wholesale is significantly less than the cost of Vietnamese hair wholesale, which has emerged as a desirable commodity in recent years and is a direct competitor to the products sold by Chinese hair wholesale.
  • Consumers may have their things delivered from a Chinese hair wholesale factory in as little as one or two days of business since most Chinese hair wholesale factories are equipped with modern equipment and have a big number of staff. 


    Processing Chinese hair wholesale

  • Buying Chinese hair wholesale has certain downsides. Chinese human hair wholesale producers import Remy and Non-Remy hair, most of which is collected via hair loss, making product origin hard to determine. Meanwhile, Vietnamese human hair wholesale factories provide 100% single donor hair, which makes the hair less prone to tangling or falling out than Chinese hair wholesale. Thus, Chinese hair wholesale sellers can’t compete with Vietnamese suppliers.
  • In addition, Chinese hair wholesale also has to use a lot of chemicals in the production process. The reason for this is that because of the poor quality of raw materials and the domestic taste of shiny hair, Chinese hair wholesale factories often use silicones and other chemicals to soften, smooth and shine the hair. This makes the hair lose its elasticity and durability, making it difficult to style.

From the characteristics indicated above, it is not difficult to see that Chinese hair wholesale is quite famous but has average quality. Usually, Chinese hair wholesale is not overrated and is only used in non-professional hair salons.

How to avoid scams when buying Chinese hair wholesale

Because of the character of the product, wholesale hair is one of the marketplaces with a relatively high risk of scams. As a result, you must take precautions while purchasing Chinese human hair wholesale, as well as all other types of wholesale hair.

  • Remember to check customer feedback, especially with overseas customers of Chinese human hair wholesale factories. Usually, reputable Chinese hair wholesale suppliers will publicize customer comments instead of hiding them.

Be careful with Chinese hair wholesale scams

  • Information about Chinese hair wholesale factories is also very important. Please pay special attention to information such as year of establishment, address, contact phone number and payment method to avoid being scammed.
  • Don’t forget to request a video call. This way, you will not only be able to chat with the person you are working with, but also see how the Chinese hair wholesale products you intend to buy are manufactured.

In addition, there are still many other ways for you to check if the Chinese hair wholesale company you are about to work with is a scam or not. For example, check a Chinese hair wholesale seller’s hair basics or look at the basics on their website. It is better to be careful, so remember to check the source of Chinese hair wholesale carefully before starting cooperation.

5S Hair Factory – Alternative choice for Chinese hair wholesale suppliers

If you have a need to buy Chinese human hair wholesale, but have not found a reputable Chinese hair wholesale factory or are still confused about the quality of the product, you can change your mind by buying Vietnamese hair wholesale. Here, we would like to introduce 5S Hair Factory, a leading hair wholesale factory in Vietnam.

  • 5S Hair Factory has very famous Vietnamese human hair products not only in Vietnam but also around the world. Even, the quality of the products of this brand is more guaranteed than the products of some less reputable Chinese hair wholesale factories.

5S Hair Factory – Alternative of Chinese hair wholesale factories

  • If the price is something you are worried about, don’t worry because the price of 5S Hair Factory’s products is completely reasonable compared to Chinese hair wholesale factories.